Ditch Your Car

As the number of cultural amenities increase downtown, so have the ways of getting around



WHAT As cabbie Billy Rivera chauffeurs you around, you and your friends have thousands of songs to sing to with his built-in karaoke-machine, complete with monitors.
WHEN TO USE IT En route to this summer’s Cure concert or to an evening showing of Rent at the Blumenthal this fall.
COOL FACTOR No other mode of transportation cues up and lets you sing along (loudly) to GNR, Kenny Chesney, or Fleetwood Mac, all in the same ride.

Ragin' Uptown

WHAT This company will drive you just about anywhere in Charlotte, including Lake Norman.
WHEN TO USE IT Get together a group of friends and have Ragin' Uptown carry you from restaurant to restaurant for an "around the town" dinner party (i.e., apps and cocktails here, entrées there, dessert here).
COOL FACTOR Choose from a fleet of ten buses, including two double-deckers.
704-451-7433, www.raginuptown.com

LYNX Light-rail

WHAT Consider it Charlotte's up-and-coming version of Washington, D.C.'s Metro.
WHEN TO USE IT With gas prices creeping up…and up…you’ll want to use this every day if you can to save some cash.
COOL FACTOR While other cities’ public transit prices are a teeny bit more expensive (to ride the subway in Philly will cost you $2 one way), you can hop on the LNYX for just $1.30 one way (OK, roundtrip if they don’t check your ticket).

Charlotte Pedicabs

WHAT Sit in a buggy and have these guys (who have to have the world's largest calf muscles) pull you up, down, and around Tryon Street.
WHEN TO USE IT Besides the obvious (when it's neither raining nor frigid outside), hit them up for a ride from a fave Fourth Ward eatery (yumm, Alexander Michael's) to Coco Osteria for an after-dinner cappuccino at the bar.
COOL FACTOR Discounted fares: Wednesday through Saturday nights, 7 p.m.-2 a.m., it's just $3.50 for a one-way ride.
704-777-4508, www.charlottepedicabs.com

Gold Rush

WHAT Trolley cars (sans the tracks and cables) that look and feel like you're in San Fran, minus, of course, the steep streets and steeper rents.
WHEN TO USE IT For sightseeing. This trolley-like ride is free. One caveat: it only runs from early morning (about 6 a.m.) to early evening (about 6 p.m.), so don't plan on riding after dark.
COOL FACTOR Did we mention it’s free?

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