Dogs and Cats … and Glass

Brooke Brown

My eight-year-old nephew would like you to know about Art in the Dairy, a little-known working studio where artists and amateurs can create art of glass, metal, and clay. But, there’s more to it than that. Let Will tell you …

"When I was going to Art in the Dairy, I thought it was going to be a fancy place. But when I got there, I saw I was wrong. It was a very old place with goats and chickens. We went inside and saw a dog. We looked down and saw another dog. They were both so sweet. One was pretty hyper.

"We went to the back and there was a room filled with glass — small and big, too. The artist showed us what it would look like after we were done. She also taught us how to use the tools and make the glass even smaller. There was also a cat; a black cat, in fact. She would roam around the room. The dogs would do this, too. The artists said it would take about two weeks to get our art. It’s very, very fun to do. And the art is pretty, too."

Categories: Arts + Culture, Revue