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5 tips on tackling planning tasks

Having just reached the light at the end of a planning tunnel for an extravagant event which was previously consuming my life, I feel especially privy to the mounting stress that goes along with plotting out a grand fête. Couple that with my almost too vast depth of wedding knowledge, and I assure you I can empathize, no problem. When you're attempting to juggle a full-time job and extracurricular planning efforts, it's all too easy to watch the chores pile up and the check marks dissipate on your list. You slip into a paralyzed state of panic and suddenly your productivity becomes zero and you are unsure of how or where to even step back in to the tasks at hand. Thankfully, this is a commonplace occurrence for overachievers and brides to-be alike, so having long ago jumped on the former bandwagon, I've worked diligently to come up with a few quick fixes for when I begin to feel this way. 

Power of One. Some days your day job zaps all your energy, or you're tied up with networking happy hour for the early evening. Whatever it is, be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day. Don't stress yourself out by planning to accomplish five tasks when you only have time for one. If you only have the time or energy to check off one planning detail from your list for the day, it's perfectly OK. Rid yourself of guilt and remember that one is always better than none. 

Positive Reinforcement. So you keep putting off a particular task you're dreading. Whatever it is, designate a spa day or trip to pick up a cute dress you've been eyeing as your little treat to yourself after you check off said item. Pre-wedding festivities will of course entail other people pampering and doting on you, but who says you can't pamper yourself from time to time? 

Relish The Downtime. Just because you have a Sunday afternoon without a single plan, don't feel obligated to spend it getting more planning tasks done. Everyone needs time to relax and recharge. Not only should you give yourself that time, but you should also enjoy it. 

Go With The Flow. Sometimes when I'm stressed to the max, I'll awake from a dead sleep only to become instantly alert, consumed by the things which are causing me stress or grief. Now I've implemented an 'if I'm up, I'm up' policy. Tossing and turning to try and fall back asleep won't ever work for me, so I embrace the alone time, make a cup of tea, and get to work. I find that if I can accomplish a couple of things and cross those off my list, I feel satisfied enough to return to my state of slumber. 

Don't Be Afraid To Delegate. Or simply ask for help. We are all only human. We can only do so many things–a lot of things, but not everything. If you're like me and tend to take on countless assignments and to-dos, it's not only perfectly alright to speak up when you need a hand, it's also much better than the alternative, which is not accomplishing all that needs to be done. Be humble and don't forget that absolutely no one can do it all. So ask for assistance when you need it and simply be gracious when it's given. 


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