Drinks with … Blake Hartwick

Something Classic’s new executive chef and the former cooking whiz at the Greenbrier, Andrew Blair’s, Bonterra, and Las Ramblas sits down for beers and shares.
Chris Edwards

Comfort Food: Barbecue, really good mac ’n’ cheese, and corn pudding;
anything slow cooked.
Cooking Show: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Top Chef.
Favorite Top Chef winner:  Ilan Hall, season two.
If you could have only one spice in your cabinet: Spiced paprika, which I discovered on a trip to Spain; it’s
so versatile.
Chef you’d cook for (dead or alive): Ferran Adrià, the Salvador Dalí of cooking.
What you’d make him: Really good comfort food.
Last best meal: Foie gras and salmon riette.
Favorite ethnic food: Braised octopus, grilled and charred (in Spain).
Always in your pantry: A good bottle of barbecue sauce, like Piedmont, and cheese.
Food genre inspirations: New South and tapas.