Drinks with Joshua Cain

The Ritz-Carlton executive pastry chef (he started as an intern), shares the secret behind being pastry king over a glass of shiraz
Taylor Mathis

Most important ingredient(s) in your kitchen cache?

Butter, eggs, sugar, and flour; you need all four, but with them alone, you can make a million things.

Pastry on the Ritz-Carlton menu that takes the most time to make?

Bread—especially focaccia or brioche.

Biggest hit at Bar Cocoa?

The Bar Cocoa signature—a bar-shaped slice of hazelnut dacquoise with chocolate cream and a hazelnut- and-chocolate glaze.

How long did it take to create Madam Cocoa (the five-foot-eight sculpture and Bar Cocoa muse made of chocolate)?

Ninety-five hours.

Best drink-and-pastry pairing in the house?

The dark chocolate hot cocoa, with Baileys, and tiramisu.

Only place you’d rather be besides the kitchen?

Other than with my family, flying a helicopter; that’s a dream of mine.

Guilty-pleasure pastry?

Rum- roasted pineapple tarte tatin.

Pastry icon in your family?

My great-aunt; she made the best banana pudding, and everything was from scratch.

Holiday dessert you have to have?

Pumpkin cheesecake—with cider.

Pop-Tarts or Toaster Strudel?

Toaster Strudel!

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