Dueling Deliveries


If you’ve ever had a night where nuking a can of chicken noodle soup sounds as taxing as serving a holiday dinner, then you can appreciate the option of having your favorite restaurant dishes delivered to your doorstep. Since 2006, vmeals has delivered food from top local restaurants straight to the comfort of your couch. Now, a new local food-delivery service, foodie Call, has set up shop. Trying to decide which one to put on speed dial? here’s how takeout’s two top dogs match up.



Foodie Call


Year Established in Charlotte 2010 2006
How it works Select your ZiP code and the time you want your food delivered (you must place your order at least two hours in advance). Browse the menus available in your area, choose your food, check out, and wait for your food to arrive at the exact moment you requested it Select your ZiP code, browse the menus available in your area, choose your order, and select the delivery time and date. The food will be brought to you at the time you’ve set, or you can wait up to forty-five minutes to receive an immediate order
Geographical Range Uptown, SouthPark, the airport, and part of South Charlotte Most of the Charlotte metropolitan area, and surrounding areas, like Pineville, Lake Wylie, Belmont, Matthews, Mint Hill, and Gastonia
Minimum Order $15-$50, depending upon delivery location and restaurant Amount varies by restaurant, but most do not have a minimum (minimum is indicated on the menus that require them)
Time promised for delivery Forty-five minutes to an hour (but a call for delivery at least two hours in advance is required) On time (orders are scheduled and placed hours in advance, with the minimum advanced time requirement indicated on each menu. Rotelli: two hours; Prosciutto’s: eighteen hours, etc.)
Top restaurant options Press, Aria, Roasting company, sonoma, Cajun Queen, Dressler’s Jim ’N Nicks Bar-B-Q, owen’s Bagel and deli, Rotelli, Nothing But Noodles, Prosciutto’s, Great Wall of china
What sets it apart If you’re ordering from a location not included in the specified service area, foodie call may still be able to accommodate you on a case-by-case basis Vmeals offers account services, making food delivery for groups and companies that order frequently more convenient and efficient