Edgy Veggie: 6 Great Vegetarian Restaurants

Long gone are the days when eating vegetarian dishes meant sacrificing flavor. Whether you’re looking for a vegetarian approach to comfort food or for a more healthful version of your favorite meat-based entrée, these Charlotte restaurants are serving up creative veggie-packed dishes with fresh taste and plenty of locally grown fare.
Chris Edwards
At Luna's Living Kitchen you'll find vegan-friendly dishes like the Freestyle Wrap featuring Swiss chard leaves wrapped around sheared cabbage and crushed cashews.

Don’t let the simple interior, with its elegant white tablecloths and minimal décor, fool you. The menu here offers a variety of complex—and often spicy—south Indian flavors in dishes like savory lentil dumplings, rich samosas, and rich curries brimming with vegetables. But carnivores keep away: there’s no meat in sight at this popular east Charlotte restaurant. 7128 Albemarle Rd., 704-569-9193  www.woodlandusa.com  

Blynk Organic
At this local organic-focused chain you’ll find a salad bar packed with fresh veggies, creative sandwiches like the popular ATM (avocado, tomato, and mozzarella), healthful smoothies with ingredients like pomegranate, and small bites like hummus and pita chips. Trying to get a healthful start to the day? Blynk serves breakfast on weekday mornings. 200 S. Tryon St., 704-332-2460; 4400 Sharon Rd., 704-366-6848 www.blynk.com

Zizi’s Vegetarian Restaurant
Everything served at this north Charlotte “to go” restaurant is vegan, but you’d never guess this by reading the menu, which features healthful grub disguised as fast food like Philly cheese steak, Italian sausage, and chicken nuggets. All the protein is made with soy and sandwiches come on wheat rolls, so this is about as guilt-free as those nuggets will ever be. 7945 N. Tryon St., 704-595-9170 www.awesomevegan2go.com

Zada Jane’s Corner Café
This charming Plaza Midwood restaurant has a varied menu to match its colorful interior. While it’s not strictly vegetarian, you’ll find plenty of vegetarian and vegan options like the tasty Hummus Frummus wrap brimming with creamy red pepper hummus, fresh cucumbers, sprouts, and red peppers, and served with roasted potatos. 1601 Central Ave., 704-332-3663 www.zadajanes.com

Berrybrook Farm
This small Dilworth grocery and takeout counter is a treasure trove of natural foods where you’ll find aisles of organic offerings. Go at lunchtime and pick up one of the veggie burgers, tofu dogs, or bean burritos—all served hot and all delicious. Don’t want a whole meal? Order one of the fruit-packed smoothies and enjoy it on the porch swing. 1257 East Blvd., 704-334-6528 www.berrybrookfarm.com

Luna’s Living Kitchen
Tucked in the corner of Atherton Mill in South End, this restaurant is for people who are serious about vegan and raw foods. The beautifully prepared dishes offer a unique twist on tradition with options like Lunasagna, a vegan take on lasagna that comes with layers of zucchini on top of a sundried tomato sauce and with crushed cashews. 2101 South Blvd., 704-333-0008 www.lunaslivingkitchen.com

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