Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Charlotte Magazine Stories of 2016

BELOW, REVISIT the best feature stories and essays from Charlotte magazine and www.charlottemagazine.com in 2016, as chosen by our editors. These are stories that, whether you're reading them again or discovering them for the first time, will have you hanging on every word.

1. Poverty in Charlotte: 'It Was Never Okay'

A working mother fights to give her kids a better life in a city where that’s next to impossible

By Lisa Rab

2. The Many Layers of Mr. Mitchell

A preacher’s child, a mother, a transgender man, and a breast cancer patient

By Jared Misner


3. ‘I’m Going to Meet Your Dad’ 

How a trolley stop photo gave one Charlotte family an unexpected connection to the past

By Jodie Valade

4. Chasing a Better Mii

How a work-at-home dad used a decade-old video game to lose 80 pounds

By Andy Smith

5. Are Dogs Replacing Kids?

In some modern-day families, pets aren’t just a step toward children—they’re replacing them

By Kristen Wile

6. Mustang Green: A Season of Hope in a Segregated City

Thirty-five white players. Thirty-two black players. Some rich. Some poor. All Myers Park Mustangs. We spent the entire fall with them to see what happens when you put kids from different backgrounds together for a season. The result is this three-part story of hard lessons, lifetime friendships, stupid mistakes, and endless optimism about uncertain futures.

By Michael Graff

7. Our Old Dog: An Essay

What we learned from a yellow Lab mix named Fred

By Tommy Tomlinson

8. In the Cage with Me

Paul Booe was a beloved mixed martial arts trainer who taught hundreds of students how to fight their way out of difficult situations. But few people knew the battles being waged in his head, until one day, Mother’s Day 2015, he was gone

By Allison Futterman

9. A Result with No Ending

The DA’s decision to not press charges against the officer who shot Keith Scott doesn’t bring closure to the problems that surround it

By Michael Graff

10. Charlotte's Violent Night

Why it was only a matter of time until our city erupted like it did Tuesday night in the hours after Keith Lamont Scott’s death

By Greg Lacour

11. Penelope Needs a Home

The world through the eyes of the animals at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control, where there’s no time like right now

By Jen Tota McGivney

12. My Privilege, Our Problem

An award-winning author watches from afar as his hometown unravels, and can’t help but remember the times growing up on Charlotte’s west side when his skin color helped keep him safe

By David Joy

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