Electric Envy

Most of us are getting fewer than thirty miles per gallon in our cars. But imagine a ride that gives you 160 miles per gallon. Mooresville-based Hybrid Technologies is developing an electric vehicle called the LIV Inizio that offers just that. But before you sign up to buy this baby (which will have a price tag for, um, about $120,000), we run down its features.

Electric EnvyBody
Made of carbon fiber, the body of the car is strong yet lightweight.

Removable hardtop
It's the best of both worlds — a convertible that doesn't look like a convertible until you drop the top.

AC induction motor, which converts electrical power to mechanical power, is mounted mid-cabin with controller and batteries strategically placed for handling and safety. The top speed is 160 mph.

Five-speed special-ratio manual transmission. It's a sports car. It's gotta be a stick shift.

The lithium battery pack gets 160 miles per charge. And the battery life guarantees you 2,500 full charge and discharge cycles, meaning even if you charged your battery every day it would last you nearly seven years.

The rear tires are “dubs,” or 20 inches. The front tires are slightly smaller at 19 inches. This helps give the sports car that sloped look.

This is a two seater you won't have to squeeze in to. It fits even a Shaquille O'Neal-size person. Seriously.

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