Embellishing The Ordinary

Wedding day accessories according to neckline

Once you've secured the dress of your dreams, accessories are next on the list. And since you'll undoubtedly be head over heels for your gown, choosing what jewels to pair it with is made all the more difficult. What type of jewelry is worthy of the occasion? Will it overwhelm the dress? Will your jewelry function to dress up a simple silhouette? All of these are important considerations. After all, jewelry is the icing on the cake of any ensemble. So before you fret or stress, simply peruse our handy guide below. Whether you're going strapless, halter or one-shoulder (the list goes on), we've got you covered on how to handle accessories. The bottom line: it's all about balance. When in doubt, less is more, and classic never fails. 


{above photo: Kristin Vining}