Enchanted Glamour

Say ‘I do’ to standout necklaces with dreamy gems and understated sparkle. From strands of pearls wrapped in whimsical tulle to exotic Bali stone, these pieces add a bit of magic to any bridal ensemble

Clockwise from top: 1. Coral statement necklace, $70, The Buttercup Gifts & Stationery, 704-333-0544 2. Multi-color crystal statement necklace, $40, Cottage Chic, 704-375-1888 3. Desla Suzette necklace, $250, J. Major’s Bridal Boutique, 704-372-0082 4. Rose gold flower necklace, $32, The Teal House Collection, 704-363-7174 5. Loren Hope “Stella” necklace, $268, The Cheeky Bean SouthPark, 704-364-2288 6. Loren Hope rose quartz necklace, $140, Monkee’s of Charlotte, 704-379-7995 7. Julie Vos Bali stone pendant necklace, $395, Monkee’s of Charlotte 8. Crystal necklace on flat gold chain, $48, K-la, 704-643-7800

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