European Honeymoon Packing

Now that our brides bound for the tropics have been covered on suitcase basics, we can move on. For those headed for a European destination, chances are, you'll be traveling throughout or across countries during your trip. Whether it's a simple day trip to the countryside or a mapped out trek across several locales, European vacations entail more than just the typical packing essentials. Let's start with the basics. For one, you'll want a travel wallet. Aspinal of London is the purveyor of such. It has sleek slots for everything from passport to boarding passes and currency. Plus there's ample space for all your credit cards as well. Next you'll want to invest in a new suitcase. Color is important for international travel. Choose an understated black option that's not too expensive but substantially durable. This will lessen your chances of suitcase theft. Speaking of theft protection, it's a bright idea to purchase TSA-approved locks for your checked bags. These will also come in handy once you've checked into your hotel to keep vaulables safe in the room. Follow the exchange rate trends for your destination's currency. When the rates are best, pop into your local bank and have some funds converted for the trip. A small satchel that doubles as a backpack makes the perfect purse for your trip. It's easy to stow daytrip essentials in and this canvas option is super lightweight. Keep your adapter on your carry-on bag for easy access in case of layovers, etc. This Mulberry adapter, though pricey, has a convenient zip case and is 100% dependable across Europe and Australia. An adapter is one thing you don't want to skimp on. It will fry your hair products and electronics. Though it's helpful to research activities prior to flying out, city guides make a superb way to pass the time during long flights. Another handy item: a small leather journal. Take a moment each evening to jot down your favorite details from the day. Since the trip will pass quickly, you'll be thankful for these notes later. 

There is a certain level of elevated dress in Europe. Disobey and you'll stick out immediately as a tourist. Half the fun of travel is learning the culture and taking a piece of it with you. Rely on the classics for your wardrobe base. Think Parisian sailor stripes, neutral solids and quality basics. A navy and white striped cotton dress can take you with ease from day to night. And it even tucks into a full skirt as a top. For shoes, you'll want a pair that combines comfort with style. Woven leather boat shoes will do just the trick. Bring along a stainless steel timepiece to wear each day. No need to have your phone powered on collecting roaming charges just to tell the time. For long car trips or afternoons strolling a vineyard, toss on a fedora and keep tresses in check. You'll also want a few more basics in neutral hues. Think crisp cotton tees and basic full skirts. Don't forget a light jacket. The weather is notoriously cloudy as well as rainy. Look the part in a chic belted trench

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