Every Super Bowl Bet Between Charlotte and Denver Ever

THE FRIENDLY Super Bowl bet between cities is a tradition that inspires the weirdest and hokiest challenges imaginable. When Ed Rendell was governor of Pennsylvania, he had to sing the national anthem at a Boston Celtics game against the Philadelphia 76ers when the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. (And he was wearing a Patriots jersey as his competitor in the bet, then-Gov. Mitt Romney, looked on.)

And it’s not just local government. Arts organizations, non-profits, religious institutions—everyone wants to take part in the fun (and PR value) of the Super Bowl bet. And Super Bowl 50 is no different, with Charlotte and Denver presenting some of the most entertaining challenges yet. (Though the one between Denver, N.C., and Denver, Colo., fire departments is pretty good.) Here, we take a look at every one we could find involving Charlotte-based groups. Leading up to the big game, we’ll keep adding new ones to the list as they roll in.

Blumenthal Performing Arts & Children's Theatre of Charlotte vs. Denver Center for the Performing Arts & Phamaly Theatre Company
Man, theater companies sure know how to get dramatic. Here are the intense terms of the wager between these arts groups:

Chef Alyssa's Kitchen vs. Stir Cooking School
This cooking school bout involves sending a basket of locally made food and other products to the other team. Spreads, beer, sauces, and other treats are mentioned in the bounties. By the way, I will make a bet with any arts journalist in Denver who wants to send me a six-pack. 

Charlotte rabbi vs. Denver rabbi
Leaders from Temple Beth El in Charlotte and Temple Emanuel in Denver are trash-taking days before the Super Bowl with a series of YouTube videos. Rabbi Judy Schindler, of Charlotte, calls the Panthers "God's chosen team" in the tongue-in-cheek video. She then explains that a Fundly page is open for donations, of which two-thirds will be given to the winning team and one-third to the losing side. Shalom Park Freedom School will benefit from the competition, adorably dubbed "Super Mitzvah."

Wooden Robot Brewery vs. Little Machine Beer
Dan Wade, head of Wooden Robot, says he will wear a sheriff costume (a nod to Peyton Manning) and perform some kind of physical challenge if the Panthers lose, Charlotte Business Journal reports. For the opposite outcome, Little Machine’s chief executive will dress as Superman. Photo or video evidence will be mandatory.

Charlotte Rescue Mission vs. Denver Rescue Mission
Charlotte Rescue Mission’s Rev. Anthony Marciano will have to don a Manning jersey if things don’t pan out for the Panthers. Otherwise, Brad Meuli, head of Denver Rescue Mission, will have to put on No. 1's.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte vs. Catholic Charities Diocese of Denver
This one isn’t dependent on the score of the actual game: It’s who can raise the most money through the website charitybowl50.org. Charlotte has about $1,000 more than Denver, but this is one of those “nobody loses” things. (The team that raises the lesser amount still has to wear the opposing jerseys, though.)

Charlotte Regional Partnership vs. Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.
CRP CEO Ronnie Bryant could be singing or lip-syncing "Rocky Mountain High," if things don't go our way. Tom Clark, Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.'s CEO, would tackle "Carolina on My Mind." Winners will also get sent local food and other goodies from the losing city, and a donation will be made to the winner’s NFL Play 60 organization, a national health and fitness campaign for youths with a base in each team home. This one's the closest we have to the aforementioned Romney/Rendell match-up. 

Charlotte churches vs. Denver churches
It’s a food drive worthy of the “super” label itself, as a group of Charlotte churches are banding together to out-raise religious institutions in Denver. “Donate before you dab” is the charge given by the Charlotte leg of the challenge. The food will be counted from drop-off points and collections for a single total. More info here.

Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte vs. Johnson & Wales University in Denver
The presidents from each campus of Johnson & Wales have a wager that involves—you guessed it—wearing a jersey. A basket of treats is also on the line. As with the CRP/MDEDC wager, Lance crackers and Cheerwine are some of the goodies that will be sent from our city, if Carolina isn't the victor.

Charlotte Observer vs. Denver Post
The two daily newspapers that represent each city are also going head-to-head with a wager of beer and food. Ann Caulkins, publisher of the Observer, says she'll send them NoDa Brewing's Hop, Drop, and Roll and some barbecue, specifically, if the Panthers lose.

Triple C Brewing Co. vs. Two Different Denver Breweries
Triple C and Denver's CODA Brewing have one of the craziest wagers yet: One unnamed employee at each has agreed to get a tattoo of the opposing team if he or she lost. Wager No. 2: Between Triple C and Baere Brewing in Denver, loser sends a case of beer. Not quite as crazy, but still something to get excited about.

Sycamore Brewing vs. Lone Tree Brewing Company
These breweries are collaborating on an IPA, but each's competitive spirit also has taken over. Loser has to photograph themselves with the opposition's colors and drinking Coors Banquet beer, the one that garnered the gold medal over both of them for the Great American Beer Festival's American Lager bout. (Lone Tree and Sycamore got silver and bronze medals, respectively.) The loser also has to make a donation to a rescue dedicated to the opposing mascot, whether it's a horse rescue or a wildcat rescue.

NoDa Brewing Co. vs. Strange Craft Brewing Co.
This one's pretty simple: Wear the other team's QB jersey, donate to a charity of the other's choice, and a case of beer. But ahead of the game, plenty of smack has been talked on social media.

D.D. Pecker’s Wing Shack in Charlotte vs. Wing Shack in Denver
Now, wings have gotten involved. Owners of food joints in both cities have their own wager: The loser has to wear the other team's jersey and eat 12 wings tossed in the hottest sauce the other shack has to offer. Video must document the ordeal. Things are heating up with these wagers.

Theatre Charlotte vs. Curious Theatre Co.
These groups have joined the Blumenthal Performing Arts & Children's Theatre of Charlotte vs. Denver Center for the Performing Arts & Phamaly Theatre Company wager at the top of this page. Don’t remember those terms? Here they are again:


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Charlotte vs. Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
It’s a fundraising challenge between these groups, with the kids donning the other’s team’s colors if they lose. They set up a page for you to donate to either branch of Boys & Girls Clubs here.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts vs. Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock
Now, the mayors have gotten involved. And the big, bad bet for Hancock and Roberts is … wearing a jersey on Twitter! OK, so they went with a classic. I still think they could have gotten an intern to "agree" to a tattoo or something.

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra vs. Colorado Symphony Orchestra
There's just something about seeing world-class conductors wearing football jerseys. It's CSO vs. CSO with this bout. The terms? Well, we'll let the esteemed conductors explain those. 

United Way of Central Carolinas vs. Mile High United Way
These non-profits are coming together with a simple goal: fundraising for books. Using the United Way website, fans can donate to each group. As part of the wager, the losing CEO will deliver said books in the other team's colors. 

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