Exclusive: Growler's Pourhouse coming to NoDa

Crepe Cellar spins off new place next door: the beer-themed Growler's Pourhouse (video)
Crepe Cellar owner Jeff Tonidandel outside his restaurant on a Gallery Crawl night.

I was in NoDa last Friday, May 21, for the gallery crawl and ran into Jeff Tonidandel, owner of Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub, taking a breather outside his busy restaurant. He started telling me about his new place next door, which he hopes to have open by early August, called Growler’s Pourhouse. It’ll be beer-themed, he said, but with an emphasis on hand-crafted food (A growler is a large, refillable vessel. For beer). I had my Flip video camera with me (journalism happens!), so I asked him to tell us about the new place.

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