Facebook Rolls Out Convention Plans

Look for "Photo Spots" and Apps & Drinks events

Facebook is putting a physical stamp on its virtual service at the Republican and Democratic party conventions this year, where delegates and attendees will be able to find advice on using social media for political outreach, and share photos with their friends back home.

At "Photo Spots," convention goers can have pictures taken and uploaded to their profile pages. The social network's in-house team will offer advice on how to communicate messages from the convention to friends and supporters back home, and they've put together a checklist of best practices designed to help conventioneers maximize their social efforts.

Facebook also plans to use the convention to launch its "I'm Voting" app, in partnership with CNN. Users who announce their decision to vote and their candidates of choice will be included in a large, interactive, state-by-state map designed to give a big picture of the voting intentions of the Facebook population. At "Apps & Drinks" events in the convention cities of Tampa, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C., developers of election apps will show off their creations and talk about the intersection of politics and social media.

This article first appeared in the blog Tech Daily Dose at nationaljournal.com.

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