Facebook to Offer ‘Apps & Drinks,’ Co-Host ‘Innovation Nation,’ and More at RNC and DNC

Credit: Facebook

Facebook has announced its on-the-ground plans for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Like many large companies and media networks, the world’s largest social media site is offering nearly identical experiences at each convention.

Here are some edited highlights from the Facebook announcement:

  • On the Monday of each convention week (August 27 in Tampa and September 3 in Charlotte), representatives from Facebook’s Politics and Government Team will participate in a briefing hosted by National Journal and The Atlantic, along with CBS News, that will explore social media's impact on the 2012 races. The briefings will be live-streamed. Also during the conventions, members of the Facebook developer community and Facebook product and public policy teams will mix and mingle with journalists and other invited guests at an “Apps & Drinks” event. Developers who have built election-related apps on FB’s platform will be on hand to offer demonstrations of their technologies and engage in discussions.
  • Facebook will also co-host “Innovation Nation” receptions honoring pro-technology legislators and highlighting the contributions of leading high-tech innovators to the strength of the American economy. FB is also a co-sponsor of StartUp RockOn events in both cities to celebrate America’s startup culture.
  • In addition to events and a physical presence at the conventions, Facebook will curate and present what participants are saying publicly on the site about their convention experience as well as what users around the world are sharing. Facebook and CNN plan to demo a new “I'm Voting” Facebook application for conventioneers, enabling users to commit to voting, endorse specific candidates, and solicit support from friends. Pledges will be visually displayed on an interactive map of the United States. The app will serve as a “second screen” for CNN’s America’s Choice 2012 political coverage.
  • You’re encouraged to “like” the U.S. Politics on Facebook page for regular updates from the conventions, campaign trail, and beyond.

Facebook has more than six times the number of users it had when Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, now with 955 million users worldwide as of the end of June 2012. In the September issue of Charlotte magazine, which will be hitting newsstands in a few days, look for my article on the role social media and technology is playing at the Democratic National Convention.

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