"Faces from the Snow," by Ron Carlee

The storm, through the city manager's lens
Ron Carlee

Do you know Ron Carlee? He’s our city manager. He’s been on the job since April 2013. Ron’s originally from Alabama, but he spent the bulk of his career in the D.C. area. He has a doctorate from THE George Mason University, as his bio page says. He's a smart guy. Our politics writer, Greg Lacour, writes about him sometimes over on the Poking the Hornet’s Nest blog

Ron started his day today by sending a tweet to about 1,000 followers: “The City will issue a statement shortly: conditions are extremely dangerous. DO NOT GO OUT.”


And then guess what Ron did: He decided to go out.

He went out and tweeted updates from all across the city, telling us which roads were bad, and which roads were worse. He became a direct-source winter-weather report, giving us an inside look at what it’s like to be the manager of a city of nearly 1 million people who are stuck. The photos aren’t works of art. In most of them, you can see some piece of the inside of the vehicle – a dashboard, a windshield. But they do what they’re intended to do: They show us the roads we drive every day, looking like lands from an alternate universe, places we should not visit on four wheels.

Is this Charlotte, or the moon?

People started to follow Ron. In waves. About 100 additional followers by 10 a.m. About 200 by lunchtime.

As he rode around town, something even more beautiful than a collection of snowy landscapes unfolded: Ron filled his timeline with pictures of smiling faces of workers from around the city, people who woke up today, put on their boots, and went to work to put Charlotte in motion again. People we need.

So here, we’d just like to thank Ron and all of those workers by putting those tweets in one place. We’ll call it “Faces from the Snow,” by Ron Carlee. 









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