Falling for fall bouquets

Happy October! We're kicking off the month with these gorgeous fall bouquets.
James Moes

Today marks the first day of October and I couldn’t be more excited. I have my own personal bias as to why October is the best month of the year (pumpkins, the changing leaves, Yankee Candle fall scents, crisp mornings and chilly evenings… I could go on) but once you see these gorgeous fall bouquets, I’m pretty sure you’ll be swooning too.

A fall bouquet doesn’t have to consist solely of sunflowers, dahlias and hypericum berries. Get creative and incorporate your wedding colors with a seasonal feel. Use a wide variety of flowers and mix in non-floral accents like viburnum to give your bouquet lush, rich texture and color. Flowers with dark centers like poppies, white anemones and black-eyed susans are great to mix into your bouquet as they add an autumn feel.

I recommend bringing in photographs of bouquets that are appealing to you when you meet with your florist. He or she will be able to mimic the bouquet as well as recommend personal touches to make it uniquely your own. Take a peek at these pretty bouquets for some fall inspiration.