Fame Seeker

Chris Edwards
Originally from the Northeast, Schlesier knew little about NASCAR before joining the team responsible for preserving the sport's history.

WHO: Kevin Schlesier

WHAT: Schlesier, thirty-four, the exhibits manager for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, was given the Herculean task of bringing together all the historic artifacts and elaborate technological interactive experiences at the new HOF. "What people might not realize is that it’s not that easy to find a race car that’s been preserved," he says. "These guys don’t race them once and then preserve them for history. They run these cars into the ground until they either dismantle them for parts or sell them off to other drivers. Finding cars from memorable races in every notable time period in the sport’s history was a challenge." It’s a challenge Schlesier was able to meet with the help of historian Buz McKim and collections manager Michele Leopold. Together the trio located and negotiated loans and donations of more than enough cars, driver uniforms, historic shop tools, and other artifacts to keep exhibits fresh long past the Hall of Fame’s first year.

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