Feeling Fly: Flywheel Sports

Flywheel, the latest fitness craze from NYC and beyond, hits the Q.C.

In March, the Charlotte fitness community met its newest competition: Flywheel Sports. The fitness phenomenon takes its name from the specialized indoor cycling classes made famous in New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta. Flywheel cycling offers a refreshing departure from traditional spin classes through its use of performance-measuring personal computers, stadium-style seating, and specialized equipment to promote both upper- and lower-body strength. (2907 Providence Rd., 980-819-8501)

What’s it really like? Find out from Flywheel class regular Darla Catalano


Describe the Flywheel experience.  It’s intense! When I get on that bike and start pedaling, and that music starts thumping, I don't think about anything else until class is over. It's physically demanding and curiously meditative at the same time.

Is it a better workout than others you’ve tried? I'm finding that a Flywheel workout burns more calories. I work with a trainer at another gym, and we do a lot of high intensity/plyometrics; my calorie burn with the trainer is never as high.

If you’ve taken spin classes, how does the Flywheel workout differ? The biggest difference between Flywheel and other spinning classes is the little computer that records your torque and RPMs and then gives you a total “power output.” I rush home after every class to check my stats online. Also, the Flywheel bike shoes that lock into the bike pedals are great. I don’t have to worry about keeping my feet in little baskets.

What improvements have you noticed since attending Flywheel? I’ve noticed that my cardiovascular endurance has increased significantly. Also, I don’t get fatigued as quickly when I’m running or doing other workouts.

What are some things Flywheel could improve? I'd like it if the class were 60 minutes instead of 45 and if we did just a little more upper-body work.


The Shoes: With shoes provided for you that lock into the bike pedals, you can forget about slippage and focus on being a powerhouse.










The Tech-Pack: Each bike is equipped with a personal computer that is prepped to record your torque (resistance), RPMs (speed), and total power output—all of which you can control. By creating an online profile, you can track your progress.





The Baton: A weighted bar, incorporated in various lifting motions throughout the cycle, is designed to work the arms and upper body.











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