Finding A New Mayor In 10 Pictures

From the time the news broke and Patrick Cannon resigned, it took 15 days to find his replacement.


 Day 1 (3-26-2014)

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes and members of city council address the media over Mayor Cannon's corruption arrest. Cannon would resign later that day.


Day 6  (3-31-2014)

Mayor Pro Tem Barnes and Councilwoman Lyles turn to face the flag during the Pledge Of Allegiance during a special city council meeting to discuss appointing a new mayor.


Day 6 (3-31-2014)

Members of city council and residents of Charlotte join hands in prayer before the start of a special city council meeting to discuss appointing a new mayor.


Day 13 (4-7-2014)

A concerned Charlotte resident holds a sign outside the main meeting chamber at the government center. Residents came to voice concerns over the selection process and many thought it was unfair that the new mayor would be appointed by city council and not put to a public vote.


Day 13 (4-7-2014)

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes addresses the media after the 10-1 city council vote to appoint NC State Senator Daniel Clodfelter. District 3 Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield was the only "no" vote.


Day 13 (4-7-2014)

Soon after the vote appointing him as Mayor Cannon's successor, NC State Senator Dan Clodfelter made his way to the government center in Uptown to address the media.


Day  13 (4-7-2014)

After getting through security, soon-to-be-appointed Dan Clodfelter meets the local media.


Day 15 (4-9-2014)

Dan Clodfelter recites the Oath of Office, becoming Mayor Cannon's replacement.


Day 15 (4-9-2014)

Mayor Dan Clodfelter addresses the city for the first time as mayor.


Day 15 (4-9-2014)

After about 2 weeks,  Mayor Clodfelter's placard replaces the empty slot in front of the mayor's seat.