Following an Example

Children get inspired by article

If seeing is believing, then so is reading. While reading our November issue to her children, Madeline Ortiz came across an article in TheBUZZ on The Foundation for Tomorrow and its founder, Meghann Gunderman. The article ("It Takes Charlotte to Raise a Village," by Jarvis Holliday) detailed how Gunderman's foundation provides scholarships for African orphans to attend boarding school.

"My daughter said she wanted to make cupcakes for the children, but I told her I didn't think they would ship very well to Africa," Ortiz says.

Celine, Ortiz's seven-year-old daughter, took charge with the help of her twin brother, Gabriel. They organized a two-week school-supply drive at Highland Creek Elementary in February. Gunderman later came to the school to thank the children.

"I've tried to bring up my kids to want to help others," Ortiz says. She says she's planning another drive and will also help the foundation with its golf tournament in June. For more information, visit

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