Food For Thought

What to eat before the big day

Aside from the wonders shapewear will do, you'll want to feel your best when you slip into that wedding gown. For the weeks leading up to the big day, add these foods to your culinary repertoire (and nix a few)  to feel cleansed and bloat-free, come time to say "I do." Aside from these tips, be sure to drink lots of water every day. This one should be a longer-term goal. It will hydrate your skin, keep you from overeating and, of course, help flush out sodium and bloat. So let's get down to business. 

1. Tutti Fruitti

Fruits with high water content like watermelon and pineapple are fantastic for flushing out the system. Raspberries, blueberries, apples and pears offer a hefty dose of fiber. The exotic papaya has an enzyme that does similar work to the ones in your body that help break down proteins. Plus potassium in bananas is key for regulating sodium levels as well. 

2. Veg Out

Vegtables have prebiotic qualities and fiber. The asparagus, aside from supporting good bacteria growth, works as a diuretic as well, helping to flush out the system. Spinach, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and peppers are super foods when it comes to fiber content. Plus they're full of flavor.

3. Liquid Diet

Low-sodium (this is key) vegtable soup works wonders for eliminating bloat. This brothy soup helps flush out the system with its high water content. And the veggie count keeps you covered on fiber. 

4. Quinoa Queen

This of-the-moment grain is great for beating bloat because of its high magnesium content. Toss in some peppers and you've got a delicious dish. 

5. Fishy business

Salmon has those power fats (omega-3 fatty acids) that help eliminate bloating. Grill it over slices of lemon. It's fantastic. 

6. Not-So-Happy-Hour

Avoid alcohol before the big day. It causes serious dehydration. Plus bubbly mixers and even sipping with a straw will cause bloat as well. 

7. Chew On This

For freshening breath, pop a mint instead of reaching for the pack of gum. Chewing gum traps air in the GI, causing bloat. 

8. Sugar Pie

While you may think sugar-free is the way to go when focusing on diet, many sugar-free options of sweets, ice cream and baked goodies contain chemical substitutes that lead to upset stomach and bloating. Instead, opt for one scoop of the real thing. It's plenty satisfying–and totally delicious. 

9. Canned Can-Not

Canned foods, as a general rule, are extremely high in sodium. Avoid them. And while you're at it, put down that can of diet coke. Carbonation causes almost immediate stomach bloat. 

10. Fry Not

Keep fried food off your menu. Because the body has to work much harder to digest all of the fat, it will cause pressure and bloating.