For the Fitness Freak- Canyon Ranch

The Wellness Buff's Dream

A getaway to the Canyon Ranch Spa is meant for the health-conscious

Hiding in the hills of western Massachusetts is an exclusive health resort and spa called Canyon Ranch (from $2,560 for three nights, which also includes all meals, most activities, and credit towards services; where guests conquer all kinds of personal goals. This Berkshires bootcamp takes its mantra “The Power of Possibility” very seriously, whether it’s dropping pounds or getting pampered, finding religion or rekindling relationships, or even just perfecting a Downward Dog. There’s a reason why A-listers (Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Eva Longoria) flock to Canyon Ranch outposts to recharge—and it probably has everything to do with their superior fitness facilities, uber-healthy eateries, nearly 24/7 activities, and on-site wellness experts.



Getting there: United, US Airways, and JetBlue offer direct flights, starting at $169, from Charlotte to Boston. From there, rent a car for a two-hour drive west.

Guests explore the Lenox campus—a charming inn, sprawling spa complex, and the historic Bellefontaine mansion, which are all linked by a glass-enclosed walkway—like life-long students of fitness. Take to the indoor or outdoor tennis courts, or maybe the miles of trails lined in mesmerizing New England foliage, then refuel with gourmet food of modest calories and portions at Canyon Ranch’s restaurant, café, or demo kitchen. (When it comes to dining attire, ditch the blazers for hoodies and lululemon gear and tote gym bags instead of purses.) The menus, which are stripped of salt, trans-fats, alcohol, and other toxins or temptations, are seemingly designed by a crew of Healthy Fairy Godmothers making it foolproof to make good choices.

Proceed with a steady rotation of stretching, hiking, biking, jogging, and canoeing, then rinse and repeat. Throw in a spa scrub or massage to reward your hard work and leave feeling sore—but curiously limber. And maybe you’ll feel a bit lighter, too, if only in the mind.

The Norman Rockwell Museum
For a detox from the detox, drive seven miles south to the Norman Rockwell Museum ( Here lives an inspiring collection of Rockwell’s most famous Americana paintings, plus all 321 of his Saturday Evening Post covers. (Leave plenty of time for the gift shop.) $16 admission. 9 Route 183, Stockbridge, Mass., 413-298-4100,