Four Downs With Panthers Cornerback Leonard Johnson

Margaret Bowles/Black and Blue Review


First Down – Fan Submitted Question


BV: Let's start with this from @Underwood_10_ on Twitter. He wants to know your favorite songs to listen to before a game.

LJ: My favorite pregame songs? Let me see. (Johnson looks at his phone) I listen to Jahmiel. "Great Man." And "True Colours" is a good song. Same artist, Jahmiel. 



Second Down – Headphones


BV: Are you a Beat or Bose guy? Or none of the above?

LJ: Whatever's free. I like Apple headphones. I like the small little white ones. 

BV: Even on the plane?

(Johnson yells a couple of lockers down to safety Kurt Coleman)

LJ: Kurt, every time you see me, what headphones do I have on? The little white ones, right?

(Coleman nods)

BV: You've got to be one of the only guys in here who does that.

LJ: I think sometimes when you put the big stuff over your ears, people stop trying to communicate with you.


Third Down – Tech


BV: Do you think we're too much of a technology-based society now?

LJ: In some sense, I believe that's true. But I think it's good. Technology has definitely enhanced society today. In some aspects, it takes away from getting to know people on a one-to-one basis. With so much social media now, I can know a person without even meeting them just off the stuff that they post. Then you meet the person and your whole perception changes about that person, the image that you had before you met them. So I think so. It's kind of double-sworded.


Fourth Down – Social Media


BV: You're not on social media much, are you?

LJ: I just got an Instagram a month ago. 

BV: Why?

LJ: I'm on a new team, I want to open up more, let people know more about me and let them see a little bit about my life. 



If ever stripped from worldly things understand, the time we spend together is worth more than anything I could ever buy you. Parker A.

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BV: But no Twitter and Facebook?

LJ: No Twitter, no Facebook. I just made an Instagram.

BV: Have you ever tried Twitter?

LJ: Yeah, in college. 

BV: What'd you think about it? It gets people in trouble.

LJ: It does, but I think it's a great way to promote yourself and brand yourself if it's done correctly. It depends on the person if it's managed the right way or not.




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