Four Downs With Panthers Defensive End Charles Johnson

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As we mentioned earlier this month, 'Four Downs' is back for another season, and this time, it features a weekly fan-submitted question. Panthers safety Tre Boston went first. Up next is defensive end Charles Johnson.


First Down – TV


BV: I know you like "Game of Thrones." There are only a couple short seasons left. What's your prediction for how it's going to end?

CJ: "I'm predicting that Jon Snow and the Queen get together and they're going to rule the whole kingdom."

BV: The queen as in Daenerys, not Cersei, right?

CJ: "Yeah. I hate all the Lannisters."

BV: Even Tyrion?

CJ: "The little dude? He just became cool because he teamed up with the queen."


 Second Down – Food


BV: How's your 4th Ward restaurant coming along?

CJ: "It's coming along good."

BV: Are you getting tired of people asking about it, or do you want people to ask about it?

CJ: "You always want people to ask about it, we just haven't started on it yet."

BV: What kind of food should people expect?

CJ: "The first floor is going to be American cuisine, oven-based food. The second floor is going to be a nice sushi lounge. And the rooftop area is going to be appetizers and drinks."

BV: And it sounds like you don't have an opening date yet, right?

CJ: "Yeah, it's hard to answer that because permits take so long."


Third Down – Music


BV: What did you listen to on your way over here today?

CJ: "I listen to 97.9 when I get up in the morning."

BV: So you listen to the radio? Not satellite or anything like that?

CJ: "Nah, I listen to local radio."


Fourth Down – Fan Submitted Question


BV: All right, this question from a fan could be fun. Justin Wright wants to know who you'd choose as the top-3 ugliest players on the roster.

(FYI: The reference is to when Johnson and some of his teammates went back and forth on #whatyoulooklikewednesday)

BV: Now to be clear, you weren't making fun of people. Well, you were, but it wasn't anything cruel.

CJ: "Right. So my top-3 ugliest would be (Thomas Davis), Michael Oher and … hmm … "

(Fullback Mike Tolbert walks by)

BV: What about him?

CJ: "Nah, Tolbert ain't that ugly."

MT: "Say what?"

BV: We're going through his top-3 ugliest.

MT: "Ugliest? I'll give you some right now. Tre Boston … "

CJ: "Just add me in there."

BV: You're going to say yourself?

CJ: "Yeah, top-3 ugliest."

BV: Well, congrats … I guess.


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