Four Downs With Panthers Defensive End Kony Ealy

A 24-year-old who's not into apps, phones, etc.?!
Margaret Bowles/Black and Blue Review


First Down — Movies


BV: You're a fan of comedies, so I'm curious what you think of this. When I asked Tre Boston about movies the other week, he said he likes Adam Sandler. And not just his old ones, but the new stuff, too

KE: "Well, you can put him in both categories — not just a comedian, but doing movies, too. He started out I believe with 'In Living Color'?

BV: Saturday Night Live.

KE: "One of the two. I was real young when 'In Living Color' came out."

BV: Well, yeah, you were just born.

KE: "But he's been holding his own up until now."

BV: So like Tre, you're OK with his new stuff?

KE: "Yeah. With new eras, things change. Movies are not what they used to be, but he's still the same person. The environment changes but the person doesn't. So 'Happy Gilmore' as opposed to 'Click' — it's still funny, but it's not nearly the same as it used to be. A lot of movies nowadays try to put a lot of extra into it. It's kind of like a Mercedes. You don't want to put a whole bunch of extra stuff on it; you'll kill it."


Second Down — Cars


BV: That's deep. But since you brought up a car, do you still have that purple sports car you used to drive around?

KE: "I don't. "

BV: What happened to that one?

KE: "I decided to get something different. Had to switch up."

BV: And what's that?

KE: "I can't tell you, man."

BV: Good point. Have to remain inconspicuous. 

KE: "But really, I like to take Uber a lot. It saves a lot of money, saves a lot of gas and wear and tear on your vehicle."


Third Down — Tech


BV: So are you into technology? Apps, phones, watches?

KE: "No, it's all too advanced for me now."

BV: Wait, how old are you? (He's 24)

KE: "I know it's funny I'm saying that, but hey, I'm not a real technical guy. There's a lot of things out there now that are crazy. It's past my pay grade."


Fourth Down — Fan Submitted Question


BV: And here's one from a fan: Eric Lattimore wants to know why you were at a Shelby football game a couple weeks ago.

KE: "I've got friends here in Charlotte who have kids, so until my kid's of age, I just go out to show interest in games and try to be a face in the community in some way. But at the end of the day, I'm really out there reminiscing about when I was young."




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