Four Downs With Panthers Linebacker Luke Kuechly

Margaret Bowles/Black and Blue Review


First Down – Fan-Submitted Question


BV: Let’s start off with something from a fan. ‪@jamos14‬ – also known as Hog Molly on Twitter – wants to know your favorite food.

LK: "I love good Mexican food."

BV: Favorite Mexican place in Charlotte?

LK: Azteca's really good. That was the most authentic one I've been to.


(Bonus Fan Question – All About Beards)


Second Down – Movies


BV: You’re a big movie guy. Seen anything good lately?

LK: Most recent was “The Magnificent Seven.” That was good.

BV: Have you seen the original? You know there's an original, right?

LK: Absolutely.

BV: Hey, you’re young. Just had to make sure.

LK: Good Western. Lot of action. There's good ones about to come out. "Deepwater Horizon" – that looks good. Mark Wahlberg. "The Accountant" – Ben Affleck. And "The Girl on a Train." Have you heard of that one?

BV: I haven't.

LK: It's a book they made into a movie. There's some good ones coming out.

BV: Any others you’ve liked over the past year?

LK: I thought "The Revenant" was really good and the last "Star Wars" was really good. Oh, and "1o Cloverfield Lane." That one's pretty good, but kind of weird.


Third Down – Tech


BV: Are you tech savvy? I feel like you don’t usually jump on new stuff.

LK: I'm not tech savvy, but I do like it. Like, I don't have a new phone. I have an old one.

BV: You don't have an iPhone 4, do you?

LK: iPhone, I think it's the 6. My tech game is weak, not real strong.

BV: Favorite apps?

LK: Pandora. That's about it.


Fourth Down – Music


BV: So what do you listen to on Pandora?

LK: Jimi Hendrix has been the most recent. We'll look it up.

(Picks up phone)

LK: Adele. Big Tymers. 90's Hip Hop. Jimi Hendrix. Pink Floyd. Nelly. Chris Stapleton. Johnny Cash.

BV: Wow, you're all over the board.

LK: Dave Matthews. That's my most recent like like 7 or 8. And 2Pac.

BV: So you start with Adele and finish with 2Pac.

LK: Gotta get a little bit of everything. It depends on what kind of mood you're in.

BV: When do you bring out the Adele?

LK: It's good to relax. Like maybe at the house, making food.

BV: But not so much pregame?

LK: Not so much.




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