Four Downs with Panthers Linebacker Shaq Thompson

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Panthers linebacker and first-round pick Shaq Thompson is this week's subject in our "Four Downs" series.




BV: Now that you've been here a few months, what do you make of Charlotte?

ST: I love it. I still see it growing. There's some nice people where I stay. The store I go to, they're nice."

BV: Which one's that?

ST: A little 7-Eleven. They always talk and they know how to treat people. Back West, you may meet some rude people who don't even speak to you, so I notice a difference between that.




BV: How often do fans recognize you?

ST: Some people have, but I like it when they don't recognize me. 




BV: Yeah, you really seem like you'd prefer to lay low. So was landing in Charlotte instead of huge city a good thing?

ST: Yeah, people mind their own business. Everybody goes about their business, so that's what I like. It's really relaxing, I'm a relaxed guy, so I fit well here.




BV: Do you have a favorite Charlotte-area restaurant yet?

ST: I don't really have one, but the closest is Lola's.

BV: Ah, where you helped serve food a few weeks back. What do you get there?

ST: The fried BBQ pork. Once you go fried, you've got to go all the way. So fried BBQ pork, mac & cheese, collards and some cornbread.

BV: Can you get good BBQ out West?

ST: Not this legit. Maybe if you go to a hole in the wall. Those are the best places to go out West, a little hole in the wall.


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