Four Downs With Panthers Offensive Lineman Trai Turner

Ben Coon/Black and Blue Review


First Down – Fan Submitted Question


BV: I know you're really into music, which would answer the question tweeted by Brittany, who wants to know your favorite downtime activity. So what were you listening to on your way over here today?

TT: I think I listened to D Savage. You probably don't even know who that is.

BV: That's an uncool white guy reference, isn't it?

TT: It's not necessarily white, it's a culture thing. And I don't mean by color, I mean by age. 

BV: I am old. D Savage is how old?

TT: Probably like 19, 20. 

BV: From? 

TT: California. Young dude. He's a SoundCloud rapper – that's why I say you probably don't know him. I think I listened to Pusha T this morning, too. You know who Pushy T is?

BV: I am an uncool white guy, for the record. If that wasn't already obvious. 

TT: Hey, it's all good. We're going to get you up to speed. 

BV: I'll have to Google these guys.

TT: Yeah, Google D Savage. Now, I don't vouch for the things he says or talks about. I just like it. 


Second Down – Phones


BV: I see your iPhone there. Is that a 5 or 6?

TT: 6 regular.

BV: So you're not really into keeping up with all the latest like a lot of these guys?

TT: I wanted a 7, and then there was no point because they all do the same thing.

BV: Many feel that way about Apple these days. 


Third Down – Cars


BV: Are you into cars?

TT: Yeah. 

(Guard Andrew Norwell chimes in)

AN: He likes Bentleys. He drives one at home. 

BV: Is that true?

TT: Nah. I drive a Range Rover.

BV: What does Andrew drive? A truck, obviously. 

TT: Yeah, he's a truck guy.

AN: A Prius.

TT: He drives a fully loaded F-150. 

BV: I can see that.


Fourth Down – Social Media


BV: I don't think you're on record explaining what your hashtag #svuckafree. So what does that mean?

TT: It's kind of self-explanatory, man. I ain't no sucker. 

(Offensive lineman Chris Scott chimes in)

CS: It's a lifestyle.

TT: It's a lifestyle. Ha! I love it. It really is, though. People ask me for the definition – it's just something you've got to be. 

BV: How did it originate?

TT: I don't know. I said it, my friends said it and I started Tweeting it.

BV: You like that it's kind of mysterious, don't you?

TT: I do. People don't have a direct correlation to it. You're intrigued by it, you want to know. 

BV: And now we do. Sort of.  




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