Four Downs with Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart

Black and Blue Review/Margaret Bowles

Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart is this week's subject of our "Four Downs" series.




BV: What's your favorite area of Charlotte?

JS: "I like Plaza Midwood. They have a view of the city from different angles, which is nice."




BV: What's your favorite restaurant here?

JS: "Postmates."

BV: Postmates?

JS: "Yeah, it's an app that you can have food delivered from any restaurant of your choice, whenever."




BV: That sounds very cool, but, I make everyone choose a proper restaurant for these Q&As. So what's yours?

JS: "Harper's. When we have a home game, the running backs go there every Saturday night after meetings."

BV: What do you get?

JS: "Pizza."

BV: Anything on it?

JS: "Pepperoni."




BV: You've been here since 2008. Is it tough to go out without being recognized?

JS: "During the season, people double-take more. Other than that, it's pretty chill."

BV: And if you're out with a guy like Luke, that has to be a nice buffer?

JS: "Yeah, if you're with Cam or somebody, it's like you're with Obama."


Bill Voth

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