Four Downs With Panthers Receiver Devin Funchess

Black and Blue Review/Jesse Fraetis


First Down – Player's Choice


BV: I usually just make up these Q&As as I go along. So music or TV, which one do you want to talk about?


BV: All right. So what do you watch?

DF: Movies. That's it. I'm a Netflix guy. 

BV: Which genres?

DF: Action. Straight action and mystery, like unsolved stuff. 

BV: What have you watched recently?

DF: Last night I watched "The Mechanic." It was good.


Second Down – Gaming


BV: Are you a gamer?

DF: Yeah.

BV: What do you play? 

DF: Everything. You name it; I play it. 

BV: What are you good at?

DF: Nothing. 

BV: Really? No one in here would ever admit that.

DF: I enjoy being competitive, but I go in there just to play the games.

BV: Do you play Philly Brown in anything? He thinks he's really good.

DF: Yeah, I play with him on "Call of Duty." He's nasty. It's ridiculous how good he is. 

BV: Who's the best gamer in here?

DF: Philly. Second-to-none. 

BV: A lot of guys would probably disagree with that. 

DF: They'd try to deny it but then the truth would come out.


Third Down – Pets


BV: You got a dog recently, right?

DF: Yeah, an American Bully. He's in training right now. 

BV: Training camp for dogs?

DF: Canine college.

BV: What's his name?

DF: Chapo. My sister named him. He's a chill dog, so when he's at the house, I take him out, he runs around, hops up on the couch and takes a nap. 



King Chapo

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