Four Downs With Panthers Receiver Kelvin Benjamin

Ben Coon/Black and Blue Review


1st Down – Fan Submitted Question


BV: Let's start with this from a fan. Parker Stone wants to know your barbecue preferences. 

KB: Oh, I can't think of the name that's over there in Mint Hill. What's the name of that place?

BV: I'll Google it. Mint Hill Rockstore?

KB: That's it. 

BV: So what do you like about it?

KB: I like everything. Their barbecue's fine. They have these homemade sauces they put on it. Oh my gosh.


2nd Down – Tech


BV: You're a big gamer, right?

KB: XBox One. Probably the most underrated game that you probably won't think I'm playing is SMITE.

BV: What's that?

KB: It was a computer game, but it just came to the console.

BV: Philly (Brown) talks a lot of trash about gaming. Is he any good?

KB: He's Call of Duty. That's PS4. I don't really mess with them. 

BV: So who in here do you play?

KB: Me and Joe Webb play. We play (NBA) 2K and Madden

BV: Is he any good?

KB: He aight. He ain't bad. FIFA. I'm a best FIFA player. 

(Receiver Brenton Bersin chimes in)

BB: Ask him who the best FIFA player is.

KB: Me. And I play with Argentina. These guys play with club teams and they still can't beat me. 

BB: He puts strikers on defense. Just pure speed. 

BV: You know old school Nintendo? They had a game called Ice Hockey where you only got four guys.

KB: For real? 

BV: Yeah, you're way too young to remember. Anyway, you could choose from fat to medium to skinny, and those guys were the fastest but couldn't shoot as hard.

BB: He would go skinny all day.

KB: You got to. Speed kills. 


Third Down – Pardon the Interruption 


(Receiver Damiere Byrd interrupts) 

DB: But you're not even fast. 

KB: Who? Hey, we just raced 10 yards and I beat him.

DB: No we did not. 

KB: I did not beat you off the ball?

DB: You might have beat me off the ball, but when you …

KB: Put that in there. Put that in the piece. 


Fourth Down – Movies


BV: Are you into movies?

KB: I'm a big movie fanatic. That's kind of hard, movies come out so quick, man. 

BB: He made me watch "Warcraft." That was trash.

KB: That was trash. Favorite movies are hard. That's tough.

BV: Do you go out to see them?

KB: Yeah, I'm always at a movie theater. 

BV: Which one?

KB: I think it's called Carolina Cinemas. They have La-Z-Boy chairs in there. 

BV: And what kind of movies are you into?

KB: I'm all over the place. Horror.

BV: Horror?

KB: I love scary movies. 

BV: Have you seen all the Screams? Or are you too young?

KB: Yeah. They weren't all that scary. 

BV: No, but they have their moments. 

KB: I look for that, "Oh? Oh!" 

BV: So Freddy Krueger-type scary?

KB: Yeah, I look for roller coaster-type scary.




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