Four Downs with Panthers Receiver Philly Brown

Black and Blue Review/Margaret Bowles

Panthers wide receiver Philly Brown is this week's subject in our "Four Downs" series.




BV: You're nicknamed for the city where you grew up. What's Charlotte like compared to Philly?

PB: It's nice. It's clean. It's a lot different than being at the crib. It's clean; that's the biggest thing. It's a lot safer than where I'm from.




BV: When your family members come down to visit, how do they react?

PB: Most of them want to stay. This is a lot safer like I said. It's clean; it smells good.

BV: But you can't get a good cheesesteak down here?

PB: No, for food, I'd stay up there all day. Nobody beats Philly for food.




BV: So what's your favorite Charlotte-area restaurant?

PB: Nikko. The sushi bar.

BV: How often are you there?

PB: Twice a week.

BV: Wow, so what do you get there?

PB: Chicken, steak, rice. It's like hibachi style, but they don't cook in front of you.

BV: No sushi?

PB: Nah, I don't eat sushi. It's a sushi bar, but they've got way more than that.




BV: I imagine weather-wise, you like this better than up there?

PB: Weather-wise I would take this … no, no, no … I like Philly's weather. See, I don't mind snow. I like snow.

BV: Just rarely, though, right?

PB: I want snow. When I have a kid, I want my kid to grow up like … Christmas is supposed to be with snow. You're not supposed to have Christmas and it's 60 degrees outside. I want my kids to be in snow for Christmas.

BV: But isn't the biggest problem with snow up there is how it doesn't seem to stop for a couple months?

PB: They know how to handle it up there. Down here, they know what to do. Up there the snow plows are out right away, so it's snowing, but it's not snowy.


Bill Voth

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