Four Downs With Panthers Safety Tre Boston

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As we mentioned earlier this month, 'Four Downs' is back for another season, and this time, it features a weekly fan-submitted question. First up, it's Panthers safety Tre Boston.


First Down – Music 


BV: What were you listening to when you drove over here this morning?

TB: "I listen to my Christian music in the morning."

BV: Every morning?

TB: "Every day. In my car, I don't listen to anything but Christian music. That's my moment to praise. In the world we play in and live in, there's not enough, I feel, God in our lives. You get to a locker room, you're not going to hear Christian music in the locker room. There's nothing wrong with that, but I feel it's my responsibility to get that in my heart some time during the day."

BV: Is there anyone local that you like?

TB: "My choir's really good at Second Calvary."


Second Down – Movies


BV: What's your favorite genre?

TB: "Comedy."

BV: Like …?

TB: "I'm a Will Ferrell guy. 'Blades of Glory,' 'Talladega Nights,' 'Step Brothers.' Anything with Will Ferrell I'm pretty much down for."

BV: How about Adam Sandler?

TB: "I like Adam Sandler. 'Big Daddy,' 'Happy Gilmore …'

BV: But just the old stuff, right?

TB: (silence)

BV: You can't like the new stuff? You like the new stuff?

TB: "It's nothing like, 'It's so good!'"

BV: But you'll watch it?

TB: "I'll watch it. A lot of guys give him – kind of like what you were just saying – but to each his own."


Third Down – Tech


BV: You're wearing an Apple Watch. What do you like about it?

TB: "Reading text messages and notifications on my wrist instead of pulling out my phone each time. Besides that, it doesn't do anything. I wouldn't recommend you buy it. But once you have it, you have to have it. I almost lost it for about a day, and I was like, 'I think I'm going to have to buy a new watch.'"

BV: So if you have one, it's cool. But you don't need one?

TB: "No, you don't need it if you don't have it."

(Safety Kurt Coleman interjects from two lockers down … )

KC: "But you said if you have it, you have to have it."

TB: "Yes."

KC: "But you don't need it if you don't have it?"

TB: "Yes."

KC: "But if you had one, you'd need it?"

TB: "You're not going to go from having it to not having it."

KC: "But you said it's OK if you didn't have it? So if you lost it, you'd buy a new one?"

TB: "I was thinking about it. I really thought I was going to have to buy another watch, and I was kind of upset because I know you don't need it." 


Fourth Down – Fan Submitted Question


BV: Now that we have that settled, let's debut our fan-submitted question. Jack Malloy wants to know how many pairs of shoes you own.

TB: "Oh, man. Probably over 100. All Jordans. Maybe 10 Kobes."

BV: So mostly basketball shoes?

TB: "Yeah, and I have some dress shoes sprinkled around."

BV: What's your most prized pair? 

TB: "Hmm …"

BV: These are obviously the most important questions you've been asked this week.

TB: "It has to be my DB8s, my Doernbechers. Let me look them up. (Googles 'Doernbechers;' raises phone) 

BV: How'd you get them?

TB: "I have some connects. Plugs. That's what the kids are saying these days – plugs."

BV: Very hip. The shoes and your cool kids lingo.

TB: "Thank you."


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