Four People Who Didn’t Make the List but Probably Should Have

C. D. Spangler
His daughter and son-in-law checked in at numbers nine and ten on the big list, due in no small part to the fact that they are related to him. He is Charlotte's other billionaire (with polar opposite Bruton Smith) and a major Republican fundraiser, and his foundation has lately been awarding sizable grants, including $1 million to the Carolina Thread Trail and $4 million to Teach for America, which will provide 70 new teachers for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

R. Stuart Dickson
Director, Ruddick Corporation
Not only does his family run the holding company that operates Harris Teeter, but the Dickson family is an old-line supporter of Carolinas HealthCare System. Even today, you can bet that CHS CEO Michael Tarwater (number thirteen on the big list) doesn’t make a big move unless Dickson’s on board. He and his brother, Alan, retired from Ruddick in 2006, but son Tad is CEO.

Russell and Sally Robinson
Russell: Of Counsel, Robinson Bradshaw Hinson
Sally: Community volunteer

Russell remains one of the most influential lawyers in the state, and he has a strong civic bent, informed in no small way by his longtime spouse, Sally. She is known as one of Charlotte’s most effective and persuasive philanthropists.
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