Fresh Fish at Clean Catch Fish Market

The new Clean Catch Fish Market in Myers Park is selling the freshest seafood available 150 miles inland
Chris Edwards
Chef Graham Giacobbe is passionate and knowledgeable about fish—especially when it comes to sharing the best ways to prepare and serve it.

In the Northeast, where I grew up, there are plenty of fish markets where you can satisfy your seafood cravings all year long. So when I moved to Charlotte—only 150 miles from the beach—I assumed I would march down to the local fishmonger and get whatever was fresh that day. Shockingly, there were no fishmongers, only supermarkets with a paltry supply of fish and a pathetic selection of shellfish and mollusks. Bostonian Bill Ryan also noticed this blight and opened Clean Catch Fish Market on Selwyn Avenue about six months ago with his partner, Chef Graham Giacobbe, a fish freak who has worked for Dave Pasternack at Customshop in Elizabeth. For interested shoppers, Graham and his team are glad to discuss origins of the fish and the best preparation techniques. Teach a man to fish indeed.

“The market is really a combination of passion, knowledge, and experience coming from all employees,” says Ryan. “Everyone lives and loves what they do. We spend an enormous amount of time researching and learning about the fish we sell. This allows us to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with all our customers.”

And, boy, do they. At Clean Catch you’ll find fresh seafood from around the globe, such as wild salmon, sushi-grade walu, and little-neck clams. This challenge is met by managing intimate relationships with purveyors in Hawaii, New Zealand, and all points in between. Clean Catch has also embraced social media with a Facebook page, daily e-mails, and Twitter feeds letting customers (“fishianados” as they are called) know what has arrived. Online you can view the name of the fish, what time it’s available in the shop, where it has come from, and if it’s wild or farmed. The only frustrating thing about Clean Catch can be its occasional lack of supply, but the shop simply will not sell you fish that isn’t absolutely fresh. So call ahead or get there early. ’Cause when it’s gone, it’s gone. 2820 Selwyn Ave., 704-333-1212,

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