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Rico Williams

Rico Williams

You'd probably hate him if he weren't so damn cool. Rico Williams hosts ESPN's The Madden Challenge. That means he gets paid to travel to really cool places (as in Turks and Caicos), hang with really cool people (ahem, Steve Smith), and play video games. And, oh yeah, his job means the thirty-two-year-old has to go to the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and the Coca-Cola 600. But of all these cool places, Williams picked Charlotte to lay down his roots. So we asked Williams what he thinks about CLT.

Charlotte's greatest athlete:
Stephen Curry. He's everything that's right about college sports and sports in general. You really root for him and you want him to succeed. Even my mom cheers for him.
Can't-miss sporting event in Charlotte:
Hands down, the Coca-Cola 600 because of the excitement—the way it takes over the city -- I've never seen anything like it.
Bobcats Dream Team:
Uh, can I include some of the Hornets? No, seriously, I have a lot of love for the Bobcats, and they have some seriously loyal fans. And they have Michael Jordan. People don't realize what it means to have him on the sidelines at the games. What he means to sports, humanity in general. People really do aspire to be like Mike -- where do you think the commercial came from? If he calls, you pick up the phone no matter who you are. Brad Pitt, LeBron -- you pick up the phone when he calls. When we were at the Super Bowl, that's all anyone was talking about -- how they caught a glimpse of Michael Jordan.

Steve Smith's temper -- a problem?
No, not at all, because it's the same temper that drives him and provides his motivation and makes him one of the best athletes … he just needs to make sure it's pointing in the right direction.

If you could play 18 holes with anyone?
Do you even have to ask? Michael Jordan, so I could pick his brain.  Just to be able to get that face time would be amazing.

Can't miss steak in Charlotte…
Still working on hitting all the steakhouses, but right now Ruth's Chris is taking it.

Coolest Charlotte experience?
It was actually a big news event. A tractor trailer ran off the road and into a steakhouse, and I was inside eating dinner. I was in town for NASCAR, hosting an event at Lowe's Motor Speedway. I was having the filet mignon, and the truck came through the restaurant.
So what's it gonna take for the Bobcats to win? 
Larry Brown to do what he couldn't do to the Knicks …
What do you love most about your new hometown?
Everything is centrally located and easy to get to.
What do you like least?
There's so much to do -- I can't do it all!
As a video game guru, which system is the best?
Xbox, Play Station, Wii … I don't discriminate, I have them all.Find out more about Rico and why he loves CLT.

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