Get in the Game

Tennis in CharlotteOur town may not be a tennis destination like, say, Hilton Head, but with our mild winters, beautiful springs, and warm falls, tennis is practically a year-round sport here. We created this guide to help even the most novice player learn the ins and outs of the local tennis scene, all without having to fork over hundreds on a country club membership or private lessons.

See It in Person
The best places to watch tennis in CLT

League of Its Own
The four best leagues in town for every ability

Court Time
The best free courts in town that you didn't know about

"Coach! I Have a Cramp!"
Instead of sitting around waiting for a court, stretch.

Summer's Top Tennis Apparel
Dress to impress on the court

Rules of the Game Web Only Content
Though tennis can easily adapt to modern apparel, racquet design, and high-def graphics, the rules of the game remain true to tradition.

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