Get to Know Mike Long, the Asbury’s New Executive Chef

EARLIER THIS MONTH, Mike Long assumed the role of executive chef and culinary director at The Asbury and The Dunhill Hotel. He took over for Chef Matthew Krenz, whose modern southern cuisine got the restaurant featured in USA Today, Food + Wine, and Vogue, as well Charlotte magazine’s best restaurants issue in 2018.


If you’ve ever had a meal at the Asbury, you know why it’s top-notch lunch and dinner destination. Those sticky biscuits and deviled eggs are enough to bring anyone back for a repeat visit. Along with pastry chef Miranda Brown, Long will continue turning out customer favorites at the Asbury. Under his leadership, the menu will also feature food inspired by dishes he grew up making with his grandmother in his native Maryland.

We know the Asbury will be in good hands. Now let’s get to know the man behind that addicting Fried Chicken Sammy.

Age: 31 (as of November 23, 2018)

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: Frederick, Maryland

Background: Associate degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales, former sous chef at Bonterra Dining & Wine Room

Approach to cooking: “I’m about seasonal, ingredient-driven food with roots.”

Chefs he looks up to: “My grandma always has a place in my heart.”

Ingredients always stocked in his pantry: “In the fall I always have beets and a few chili peppers. They add warm notes to things without being spicy. I always have lots of vinegars around too…lemon vinegar and sherry.”

Favorite secret ingredient: Preserved lemons

Guilty pleasure: Live music

Most comfortable shoes for the kitchen: “Slip-on sneakers. I have to feel the sole move. Rolling an ankle in the kitchen will never be good.”

Favorite thing to do outside the kitchen: “If I have two days off, I like to go to the mountains. I go to Asheville, visit a few breweries, and just slow things down.”

Rules to live by in the kitchen: “Never turn off any piece of equipment before closing time.”

Favorite Charlotte restaurants: “I like Yafo Kitchen for lunch, and Seoul Food Meat Company when friends come to town. If I have a day off, I’ll get Mediterranean or Greek food.”

Current TV shows: Ozark on Netflix, and Homecoming on Amazon

Chocolate or cheese: Cheese

More money or more free time: More free time

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Call or text: Call

Beer or wine: Beer (Triple C, Divine Barrel, or almost any IPA)

Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla

Hot dog or taco: Taco

Ketchup or mustard: Mustard

What he’s most looking forward to in his new role: “I’m excited to work with Miranda more. We met years ago at Bonterra and we work well together, so I look forward to collaborating on dishes and highlighting each other’s strengths.”

Why he’s a chef: “I could never work at a desk—I have to be moving. I always love being connected to the food…and Southern food speaks to me.”

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