Gifts to Give: John Varvatos Fragrances

Ah yes, the holiday season is quickly approaching which means that it is time to start thinking of people other than ourselves. Yeah. We know. It’s hard. But, there will certainly be some special people in your life expecting some very special gifts this season, which is why we’re going to be occasionally recommending a few for you. And, for that matter, if you have any you’d like to recommend to us, we’d love to hear (and possibly pass along) any of your suggestions.

And now, for our first recommendation: john varvatos fragrances. If you haven’t smelled these, then I suggest you close out of this screen, step away from your computer, walk out of your house, get in your car, and drive immediately to Sephora. They are that good. Maybe better.

The men’s fragrance is hot. Like, undeniably, ridiculously, whoa can-I-just-have-a-bottle-of-this-for-myself? kind of hot. It’s the kind of fragrance you’ll be tempted to sniff every time you go to the store once you’ve discovered it. And the women’s? Somehow, the designer, who is known for his old school masculinity has managed to create a very feminine scent that is at once sexy, sophisticated, and sweet.

Both are great gifts. And both are available at Sephora at SouthPark or online. Happy holidays!