Glow and Behold

As the weather gets cooler (finally!), it's hard to resist the charm of cozy, soft candlelight accompanied by warm fall fragrances. These aren't exactly your typical autumn scents, though. We've searched around town for candles that offer delicious but unusual scents -- no pumpkin pie or mulled cider here. See page 69 for more information on products.

Madagascar Ebony and Peach by Voluspa

Ebony, an African wood known for its black texture, bears a similar woody fragrance to pine. Mixed with the aroma of peaches, the candle is more South Carolina than south Sahara.

Fig Leaf and Cassis by Thymes

Fig leaf mixed with French liqueur may not seem like the scent you’d want for your living room, but the black currant in the cassis mixed with the fresh fig aroma is sweet and woodsy.

Sweet Almond and Blood Orange by Votivo

With a scent that reminds you more of a tasty dessert than a large piece of wax, the sweet candle is perfect for burning as a post-dinner treat while you sip your cappuccino.

Tea Leaves by Paddywax

Is there anything cozier than a warm cup of tea on a cold fall day? The soft scent of herb tea is combined with a touch of coriander for a zesty kick in this distinctive candle.

Amber Black Vanilla by Lafco New York

Vanilla seems like such a cute and innocent scent until mixed with the sensual scent of amber. Together, they create a warm and welcoming

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