Governor Lowers Indoor Gathering Limit to 10 Ahead of Holidays

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North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has lowered the indoor gathering limit from 25 to 10 people ahead of the upcoming holiday season. Cooper also says the state will be paused in Phase 3 due to the steadily increasing number of cases. “Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and North Carolinians are focused on how to celebrate the holiday amid this pandemic,” Cooper said. “There’ll be the usual concerns about who’s carving the turkey and whether we’re going to talk about politics. But we need everyone focused on how to keep safe.”

Cooper suggests lowering the number on guestlists for events, spacing out seating, or switching to virtual visits with family. The governor also suggests getting tested ahead of holiday travel or hosting dinners.

Starting Thursday, full-service restaurants can also seek aid with rent or mortgage payment/interest by applying to the N.C. Department of Commerce, up to $20,000. For previous coverage of Phase 3 limits, head here.

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