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Novel wedding programs

Now that we've covered save-the-dates, invitations and all the amazing places for printing at your disposal in the Queen City, let's move on to the programs. Wedding programs have spanned far past the basic plain-Jane layout. And leave it to Pinterest to boast a bevy of inspired options, be them for your choosing or simply to get your creative thoughts stirring. We scoured the site for our top favorites and put them together below. 1. Frill Seeker. For the vintage-inspired soirée, these layered doily programs feel ultra romantic. 2. Map It Out. A road map program is the perfect visual representation of a city special to the couple, be it a hometown, destination wedding locale or current place of residence. Plus it makes for an unexpectedly beautiful background for text. 3. School of Textiles. Step out of the paper box and opt for fabric-covered programs. Use a hodgepodge of prints for a fabric sample effect that works. 4. Chalk Duster. Have your printer create a chalkboard effect for your program. This of-the-moment motif is undeniably beautiful. 5. Beat The Heat. Have your programs work double duty for an outdoor affair as fans for guests. We think this artsy option couldn't be any cuter. 6. Fit To Print. For the bookworm couple or news afficianados, this newspaper-inspired program rolled up like a scroll is perfectly befitting. 


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