Greg Brannon. This Guy Again.

The libertarian launches a new project to fleece the liberty-loving gullible

Oh, Lord. Not this guy again.


The fight for liberty continues tomorrow. #StayTuned

Posted by Greg Brannon on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You may remember Greg Brannon from his unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate last year. Enlisting everyone from George Washington to Arcade Fire in the cause, he posted the above video shot at the Governor’s Mansion to his Facebook page yesterday, leading some political observers to conclude he’d be announcing a run for governor.

No such luck. As Brannon announced this morning, he’s choosing a far more lucrative route, forming a 501(c)4 nonprofit called Organize for Liberty. The organization says it’s “dedicated to encouraging and protecting constitutionally-limited government, individual sovereignty, and the inalienable rights of the individual.”

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, these nonprofits—which are tax-exempt, as all nonprofits are—can raise unlimited amounts of money without disclosing their donors.

I just want to hammer this home: This guy has created an organization, devoted to resisting government tyranny, that does not have to pay taxes and can accept unlimited amounts of money from donors whose identities it does not have to disclose.

Wow. That’s some weak tyranny, as tyranny goes.

Brannon has proven himself adept at raising money from the gullible, so Organize for Liberty shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. But there’s another aspect of his new group that seems somewhat contradictory.

He is, of course, a Second Amendment absolutist. During his Senate run, he won the support of Gun Owners of America, the “no-compromise national gun rights organization” that sees the NRA as a bunch of fence-straddling squishes.

The opening line of Brannon’s announcement today: “The only legitimate role of a government is to protect the individual’s unalienable rights: Life—from the moment of conception to natural passing—liberty, and the pursuit of your dreams.”

So, wait: The government can protect an individual’s right to life up to the point of “natural passing”?

I can think of some people in Oregon, and Charleston, and Newtown, and Aurora, and Lafayette, and Roanoke, who’d be happy if the government had exercised its legitimate function before they lost their loved ones.

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