Guy Style

I went to see Coldplay in concert on Friday night at Verizon Wireless and, while the music was great, the thing that inspired me most from the popular British group was the fashion. I am newly obsessed with Chris Martin’s style from the tour. (It’s worth noting that the look is probably supposed to have some kind of French revolution theme because of the tour and therefore not necessarily meant to be worn out on a Friday night. So, you know, maybe only wear one armband/sash or something to tone it down a little if you decide to go for this style.)

Martin has mentioned that the bands’ outfits were designed by Coldplay bass guitarist Guy Berryman, so you obviously can’t just go out and buy these. But, it’s really more the style here than the actually clothes that I think works so well. It reminded me a little of the style of British designer Alice Temperley’s husband, Lars von Bennigsen. (Interestingly enough, Gywneth Paltrow, Martin’s wife, frequently wears Temperley. Not that that is at all related.) Anyway, the military-style-meets-rock-star thing really works. Guys in Charlotte tend to lean to the much more conservative styles. More banker-meets-golfer. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some stylish men around town who couldn’t easily pull off the look.

Here are a few suitable substitutes (just in case you aren’t friends with Guy Berryman and therefore can’t get him to custom make one of your own). Just tie on an armband or two, throw on some bracelets, and your revolutionary style is set:

D&G at Neiman Marcus
All-Son at Urban Outfitters
Contrast Collar peacoat from Burberry

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