Half off Handbags at HandPicked

Braided Front Flap Bag, now $27

I'm not one of those people who likes to toss out her Halloween pumpkin and then put up the Christmas tree. In fact, I can't even get excited about Christmas until I'm cozied up on the couch, entering my post-Thanksgiving turkey coma. But HandPicked makes it just too hard not to get in the holiday spirit. Each week, I drive by the cute little shop on the corner of East Boulevard and Kenilworth Avenue, where it's proudly announced in neon shoe polish that Christmas is a certain number of weeks away (they start at 12 weeks). And each week, like the 12 days of Christmas, there's a new deal shoppers can score in honor of the inching of another week closer. I love this. This week ("7 Weeks 'til Christmas") is the best deal yet, I think: half off all handbags! The bags are always reasonably priced to begin with, but when you slash their price tags in half, they're no-brainers ($27 no-brainers). This may be why my last 3 handbags hail from HandPicked. And while they don't generally sport designer labels, they're spot-on style-wise.

Seriously, get to the store. If you do, something tells me we'll be handbag twins all winter.

DILWORTH: 1721 Kenilworth Ave; 704.334.2037

ARBORETUM: 8040 Providence Rd., Suite 600; 704.541.1431

BLAKENEY: 9844-A Rea Rd; 704.405.9780

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