Halftime Act

Must-dos for the Mr. & Mrs. between ceremony and reception

After the knot is officially tied and the photos have been snapped, you'll have a quick respite before the grand reception begins. So before you sprint straight to cocktail hour, be sure to spend a few moments doing the following. Next week we'll cover things your guests can do during the gap, but today it's about the newlyweds. And trust me, these moments are just as precious as the others of the day–if you spend them right. 

Just The Two Of Us

Now is your chance to score some alone time. Steal a few kisses sans audience, reflect, laugh, cry–savor the moment with no one else around. This day is about the beginning of a partnership and life together. 

Snack Time

Have your planner, MOH or parent put together a small platter of hors d'oeuvres and cocktails of your choice to have during your alone time. During cocktail hour, guests will flock to your side to congratulate and chat. This won't leave much time for eating, and, after a long day, you'll no doubt be famished. 

Wait It Out

Don't feel obligated to attend all of cocktail hour. In fact many couples choose to skip cocktail hour and make a grand entrance to the reception. Either way, there will be plenty of time for tending to guests during the reception. Take your time. 


Have your stylist touch up your makeup. Have your MOH bustle the train on your gown. Spritz a dash of your favorite perfume to feel refreshed. Straighten your husband's tie, and get re-polished before hitting the cocktail hour and reception. 

Give Thanks

Though there's plenty of time to do so later, and you absolutely should then as well, give parents and in-laws a quick post-ceremony hug and thanks for helping to make the ceremony happen. This goes for the officiant as well, and if you haven't already done so, be sure to extend an invite to him or her for the reception. 

Photo: Kristin Vining

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