Happy Acceptable Hangover Day!

Happy New Year! Enjoy these hangover remedies
Sarah Nowicki
Oh hello, Bloody Mary with bacon.

While some of you are, no doubt, still in bed trying to make the ringing in your ears stop or the room from spinning, I am bound and determined to make a comprehensive list of the best hangover cures. Some of us went to bed before 10 pm, blissfully unaware of the revelry you all were no doubt enjoying – and now are paying for.

Out of pure kindness, here is a list of the absolute best hangover cures you can get your hands on:

Bloody Mary: Did you know that January 1 is actually National Bloody Mary Day? Seriously. Also are you that surprised? The tomato juice and celery in this classic drink are full of vitamin C, which your body desperately needs right now. If you're out of vodka, you can sub tequila for a Bloody Maria, or, if looking at or thinking about alcohol is making you queasy, just make a Virgin Mary

Egg McMuffin: I'm not going to push fast food on here, but this is the one time I'll give you the okay. The protein of an egg plus the bready English muffin will help with a hangover. If you can make one yourself, even better. 

Bagels: The bready goodness of warm toasted bagels will help to soak up all the sin  alcohol you filled your body with last night. Thick-cut toast works as well. 

Ginger ale or ginger tea: Ginger has a ton of healing properties and is often used for those experiencing seasickness. Ginger has been treating nausea and digestive issues for thousands of years. If you go the route of ginger ale, drink it very slowly. If you want some ginger tea, simply slice 10-12 pieces of ginger root, brew in 4 cups boiling water for 10 minutes, add fresh orange or lemon juice if you have it, and a bit of honey. Note: Honey, lemon, and water also works as a splendid hangover cure since honey contains fructose lost during the metabolization of alcohol. 

Rice: I know food is probably gross to you right now, but a simple bowl of white or brown rice will help with nausea and diarrhea. If you can stand without throwing up for longer than 30 minutes, try this super easy recipe for chicken and rice soup, OR call one of the many Chinese restaurants in Charlotte for a bowl. 

As a note, before you take part in ANY of these, it's important for you to rehydrate. Drink a ton of water, take a few painkillers and THEN dive into the hangover helpers I've listed. Feel better, wusses, and a very happy and healthy new year to all the Charlotte magazine readers out there.