HB2: Full Coverage of the N.C. Law

A roundup of our coverage of the controversial law

Opinion: The McCrory Campaign's Brazen Braeburn Bullsh*t

Why did the governor's campaign slap a company that decided not to pull out of North Carolina?

Published: 2016.05.21

The Arizona Evangelical Group Working In Tandem With HB2

Alliance Defending Freedom's role in North Carolina's law

Published: 2016.05.17

Opinion: Why Sex Lies At the Heart of the HB2 Lawsuits

Worldviews clash in dueling House Bill 2 suits

Published: 2016.05.10

HB2: How North Carolina Got Here (Updated)

The long and complicated road that led to a national furor: a timeline

Published: 2016.05.09

Opinion: Is There Any Room For Compromise on HB2?

Because I don't see it

Published: 2016.05.09

Opinion: Pat McCrory In the Fact-Free Refuge of Radio

The governor picks a friendly venue to shovel some nonsense

Published: 2016.05.06

Opinion: HB2 and Where We Go From Here

The legislature reconvenes today. It will not repeal a word of HB2

Published: 2016.04.25

Opinion: The N.C.-DOJ Showdown Over HB2

What better way to rally the base than a battle with Obama the Invader?

Published: 2016.05.05

Opinion: Another Way To Look At the Urban-Rural Split in North Carolina

What the numbers say about our growing cities and shrinking countryside

Published: 2016.05.03

Opinion: What Part of 'Keep Our State Straight' Don't You Get?

Clearly, the GOP candidate for AG just wants a non-curved state

Published: 2016.04.26

Opinion: HB2 and Where We Go From Here

The legislature reconvenes today. It will not repeal a word of HB2

Published: 2016.04.25

Opinion: A Court's Rejection of HB2's 'Accommodation' Ruse

A federal court ruling Tuesday undermines a central argument behind HB2

Published: 2016.04.19

10 (Completely Fake) Headlines That Would Result In Immediate Repeal of HB2

Published: 2016.04.19

Opinion: The HB2 Disagreements No 'Dialogue' Can Resolve

Talking about gender identity and the law can change minds—but not on these two points

Published: 2016.04.15

Opinion: McCrory's Near-Meaningless HB2 Order

The real goal here? Forcing Roy Cooper's hand

Published: 2016.04.12

“Damn you, Bruce. And Damn This Stupid Government.”

What Springsteen’s canceled concert means for North Carolina. It’s more than just a lost weekend.

Published: 2016.04.10

A Clarification on HB2 and N.C. Courts

In a post Monday, I overstated the kinds of employment discrimination claims in state courts that a provision of House Bill 2 prohibits.

Published: 2016.04.09

How North Carolina's HB2 "Bathroom Bill" Affects Children

It's more than just where you use the bathroom.

Published: 2016.04.05

HB2: How It Affects Arts and Culture in Charlotte

An ongoing list of the shows we’re losing, and what may be next

Published: 2016.04.05

Opinion: Republicans' Schoolyard Reaction to PayPal 

GOP leaders' childish reaction—in Comic Sans!—to PayPal's withdrawal from Charlotte

Published: 2016.04.05

Opinion: PayPal's Canceled Transaction

PayPal's cancelation of its plans to open a 400-job operations center in Charlotte may be just the beginning of an economic tsunami for North Carolina.

Published: 2016.04.05

The HB2 Provision Few Are Talking About

Buried toward the end of the new state LGBT law is a murky provision that bars wrongful-termination claims in North Carolina courts—and nullifies 30 years of legal precedent.

Published: 2016.04.04

HB2: How North Carolina Got Here

It's a good time to review how North Carolina got to passing the most restrictive LGBT law in the nation.

Published: 2016.04.01

Anthony Foxx on HB2: 'A Level of Tyranny That I Think Is Dangerous'

U.S. Transportation Secretary and former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx was in town Tuesday to speak about the links between road projects and communities—and took time to comment on HB2.

Published: 2016.03.29

Is North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Unconstitutional?

The ACLU and gay rights advocates prepare to sue North Carolina on constitutional grounds over the new anti-LGBT law.

Published: 2016.03.25

Opinion: Two Days Into Legalized Bigotry

On Wednesday, the N.C. legislature passed the nation's most LGBT-hostile law. The consequences are piling up.

Published: 2016.03.25

Opinion: the N.C. 'Bathroom Bill,' In Sum

For once, the legislature got a lot done in a single day.

Published: 2016.03.23

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